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Insta-Stud.Com Changes

Our blogs content popularity is awesome with 228.60 GB of bandwidth however as of this post Insta-stud.Com is intuiting a minor change to ur blog(s) in order to safe guard our bandwidth and throttle third party "hot-links" to our content. As of April 2022 to view large archived files our readers must create an account with our sister domain, boycamsnsfw.com. This is necessary because we privately host our content off-shore on dedicated servers. Thus our hosting and servers cost us money, these services aren't free to us. Registration for our readers is FREE to content areas of our blog and similar sister domains. Also our sister blog hosts archived amateur content in a VIP area which requires a small donation. We hope that you understand that the registration requirement is an action to slow down if not stop hot linking that increases our bandwidth tremendously ( se todays stats insert chart) This measure allows our blogs to remain FREE.

Insta-Stud © surfs public profiles worldwide and archives some of the interesting guys we locate. All visual content is taken from public forms. Copyright remains that of owner in likenesses. Enjoy the view and stay tuned.

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